Tuesday, June 5, 2007

London 2012

This is an interesting one for me... At first glance, the logo is extremeley unconventional considering the traditions and the legacy behind the Olympics. This does not mean that walls cannot be broken and new ideas shouldn't be considered. Not by any means! I'm all for that. Challenging the design status quo. Look at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico. The design system was beyond its years.

So.. Now we're faced with a look into the future which to me looks like a glimpse back to '92. This seems to be the trend in a lot we see.. Especially this look coming from England. Look at the music.. this electro rap/pop sound. If you look at MIA and the look of the logo and the animation that the London committee has put together, you'll see what I'm saying.

At this point.. I don't know if I'm into the look yet or not. I do think it's daring and bold which is good and bad. The traditionalists may not be partial, but it may open the games up to a brand new audience. Ask me again in 5 years when the Olympics actually happen.. I'll be 32. Yikes.

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Stephanie said...

i love that you are now posting on thoughts and daily realizations rather than just your art work.. for people that just pass by it is a glmipse into your life. Sheit, i havent posted anything since i made a blog. i think you inspired me to start. :) thanks.

as for the 2012 olympics logo thing. i think it is kinda rad. however, i dont know if i would like it 5 yrs from now. i also think that it is important for something so worldwide and important to be classic. i like the primary colors usually used and classic fonts. but hey, on the other hand it is kinda cool that they are breaking the boundaries. :D